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This is the website covering all aspects of well, working Flatcoats!

In response to Government restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic, all training and working tests organised by the Society have been cancelled.  As soon as restrictions are reduced or lifted, the timescale for which is unclear, we will reassess the events and training that we are able to provide.

Updates on our training, tests and trials, and Shooting Dog Certificates and KC Working and Show Gundog events will be posted on this site.

The site is still under development with new and amended material being added regularly. However, if you spot something that doesn’t look right, use the feedback forms to let us know so we can put it right.

In these pages you will find an updated version of the information currently on the ‘Working’ pages of the Flatcoated Retriever Society website, with extra information and features to help everyone who might be interested in working the breed.

You can find out about the training and competitions organised by the Society’s Field Trial and Working Sub-Committee, book and pay for training, and enter our working tests and field trials, all through this website.

You will also find reports of previous events, competition results, training information, articles and advice.

We hope that this new site will help meet the needs of the growing community of people working their Flatcoats, and also encourage even more owners to see the benefits of working in what ever discipline you choose. Remember, Flatcoats are very versatile!

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Here are our latest posts about what is happening on the workingflatcoats scene. You will find information on upcoming training, articles, important updates, and news and information relevant to workingflatcoats.

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Why train and work your Flatcoat?

A Flatcoated Retriever is an elegant, energetic dog with an independent streak born from the fact that this breed was historically bred as a working dog. Now, working breeds without work can quickly find ways to become ‘self-employed’, which often means trouble!

Flatcoated Retrievers gain a great deal from working and training, as both are effective ways to occupy your dog’s brain and body. Working with your dog is not just a great way to satisfy your dog’s desire to be active and practical, it can also build an even stronger bond between owner and dog.

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Latest results and reports

Here is a selection of results and reports from events within the world of workingflatcoats. We plan to bring this up to date over the next few weeks. Our reports are longer and contain more information about the day, whereas our results posts will just show the results from the event!

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How to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in our training days and events, be sure to first read about our training days and the rules and guidelines for the event you are interested in. Click on the links below to see the dates we have set up for each event.

Book training days

Book your dog on to one of our FCRS training days to increase the working ability of your dog.

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Book Working Test

Click here to book your place on a working test or field trial, and a bit more explanation to increase the height to match others.

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Book Field Trials

Submit your application for one of our upcoming Field Trials to competitively test your dogs working capabilities.

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Book FCRS shooting dog certificate

The SDC tests the capabilities of your dog, the certificate being an indicator that your dog carries the right charactaristics for breeding.

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Book Kennel Club WGC

Click here to book your retrievers place on an upcoming Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate Event.

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Book Kennel Club SGWC

Sign up your retriever to one of our upcoming Kennel Club Show Gundog Working Certificate events.

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