Welcome to workingflatcoats!

This is the website covering all aspects of well, working Flatcoats!

After a short period alongside the Flatcoated Retriever Society’s website, the organisers of workingflatcoats have decided to go it alone and provide what is hoped to be a training and information resource for anyone who wants to train a Flatcoat.
Our objective is simple: To encourage more people to work their Flatcoats, and for those that do, to work them to the highest possible standard.
Our focus will be on gundog work, but much of the basic training for all disciplines is the same or very similar, so hopefully there will be something here for everyone.
The FCRS has asked that we remove all material over which they claim copyright, and this we have done. As a consequence there won’t be much content on the site in the short term but we plan to address this over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, over time, the Society will allow us to publish articles from Society yearbooks and newsletters that might be of interest to those working their Flatcoats but who don’t have easy access to this material.
The resource will comprise a number of component parts along the following lines but note that this is provisional:
  • Training topics and information
  • Videos demonstrating training
  • A directory of trainers
  • FAQs
  • Training events
  • Directory of dual-purpose stud dogs
  • Articles and blogs about the breed (articles by competition entrants)
  • Comments and feedback
We shall also advertise third-party training, working tests and other competitions, that we think might be of interest to Flatcoat owners, some of which we will organise.
We also plan to periodically circulate a newsletter (using MailChimp) containing information on what we are planning and organising. You can sign up for these newsletters by following this link.
Finally, for now, we hope to create links with clubs and societies that are acting in the best interests of the breed so that we can help them to advertise their events and activities to a wider audience. We shall also continue to use the Facebook page: Flatcoat Training, Tests and Trials, which has always been run independently from the FCRS.
We hope that this site will help meet the needs of the growing community of people working their Flatcoats, and also encourage even more owners to see the benefits of working in what ever discipline you choose. Remember, Flatcoats are very versatile!

Flatcoat gallery

Recent photography of Flatcoats in action!

Training videos

Check out our latest training videos.

Book now

Unfortunately due to the pandemic we are not currently booking any events or training days. We hope that we will be able to update this section with some new dates soon and look forward to when we are able to do so.

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