155th Field Trial Meeting

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Novice Stake: Monday 19th December 2011 at Radbourne Shoot, School Lane, Radbourne, Derbyshire 

(By kind permission of Mr Phil Chaffey & David Bellamy and his team of guns)

Judges: Mr Mick Newsam (A100), Mr David Haycock (32624), Mr Alan Richardson (NP2813) and Mr Trevor Richards (NP3107).

Steward of the Beat: Mr Phil Chaffey and Chief Dog Steward: Mrs Anne Sparkes

The Trial commenced walking in short sugar beet with judges, all seven guns and four competitors walking in line. Good heelwork and steadiness were well tested.

The first retrieve, a cock bird fell over the hedge which was difficult to negotiate as there was a sheep fence on the far side. However, a convenient gate was opened and Mr Terry Sparkes dog made a good job of taking directions and succeeding in picking the bird.

We lost one young dog at this point running in. Birds came at a nice steady rate predominantly towards the left of the line. The judges then took Ron Lane and Fred Newton over to a convenient place where Ron Lane’s bitch successfully collected a bird which had been down for some time.

After walking quite a distance with dogs completing retrieves, all dogs were called into line and sat whilst the beaters drove through a wood. Several birds fell behind in a copse and hedge bottom and out into the sugar beet. Sadly two dogs were lost at this point. The judges split and took some dogs to collect birds from the hedge. Hillary Rosser’s dog picked two good birds.

Rob Willatts then picked another bird behind the line and Diane Heywood, Keith Manley and Peter Leyden’s dogs also made good retrieves, along with Caroline Hewison and her young dog Tarn.

We then walked back to the yard and loaded into a trailer, travelling a short distance to a drive. The dogs and judges split at this stage, someone side of the road and the remainder and the gallery on the other. The drive commenced and sadly another dog was lost, this time on a hare, which he made an enthusiastic job of attempting to pursue!

We then moved onto some marshy ground where we commenced a walk up with four dogs in line. A bird was shot on the right and picked and then a strong hen bird was hit and proceeded to run. Hilary Rosser’s dog was sent for this, but did not find and she was backed up by Dick Pettett with his bitch who made a superb job of collecting this bird.

The walk-up continued with retrieves for all handlers. Sadly Rob Willatts dog picked an incorrect bird. Dick Pettett’s Polly picked a nice clean bird and Keith Manley’s bitch struggled a little to find a hen bird. Only three handlers were left in at this stage. We then moved forward in the final walk up and Keith Manley’s bitch picked a good clean retrieve out on the field and Caroline Hewison picked a cock bird through a hedge. At this point the judges called the Trial over and we returned to the School House for a thorough warm and celebrations for Mr Chris Hewison’s 40th Birthday.

Cards were written, and the presentations were made:

Dick Pettet’s Brillen Dark Mystery


lst Place: Mr Dick Pettett’s Brillen Dark Mystery

receiving the Yarlaw Trophy for the winner and the Collyers Trophy for the best dog in the awards handled by its owner, and the Casuarina Hip Flask for Guns’ choice.

2nd Place:  Mrs Caroline Hewison’s Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd 

receiving the Tarncourt Trophy for the Runner Up, the Webdom Trophy for the best dog in the awards handled by a Lady.

COM: Mr Keith Manley’s Lenyam Mystery 

COM: Mr Rob Willatts’ Gowran Indigo Extra.

The Judges and Mr Phil Chaffey were thanked in the appropriate way and competitors began to wind their way home, very wet and tired, but delighted for a good day and an excellent result. I would like to make a special mention of our Chief Steward; Mrs Anne Sparkes who kept the day going superbly, and also our Judges’ Stewards Mrs Elaine Whittaker, Mr Malcolm Peacock and Mrs Hayley Watson who walked in line all day taking photographs along with Mr Chris Hewison. Thank you to all the competitors, some of whom had travelled very long distances to support the Trial.

David Bellamy, Hon. F. T. Secretary

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