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We are a part of the Flatcoat Retriever Society and exist to promote and support owners and their dogs in all aspects of training and working.

As a part of the Flatcoated Retriever Society, we exist to support our members in training and working their Flatcoats but, we have wider aims too. We also want to encourage beginners inside and outside of our network to work their Flatcoats, to support novice and experienced handlers, and to promote Flatcoated Retrievers as a ‘dual-purpose’ breed.

The Flatcoated retriever is recognised as a dual-purpose breed. It possesses both good conformation and good working ability. In recent years, the show side of this breed has gone from strength to strength and the number of Flatcoats entering field trials has fallen dramatically over the past 30-40 years.

For those of us who own and work with the breed, we know that the true beauty of the Flatcoated Retriever lies with its natural marking, hunting and game finding abilities, and we hope that over time others will  come to know and appreciate the breeds qualities.

At workingflatcoats our goals are to:


Do I need to be a Society member to get involved? Can an old dog learn new tricks? What is a working test or a field trial? Should I do a Shooting Dog Certificate? All these questions and more are answered for you over on our FAQ page where we have tried to cover the common questions that we get asked.

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Anne specialises in Flatcoated Retriever prints and sculptures with donations being given to Flatcoated Retriever health studies.

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