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Here at workingflatcoats we endeavour to provide our members with a wide selection of events and training days whenever and wherever we can. We know that for many of our members training needs to be provided locally. We aim to make training available to as many Society members as possible and if you have thoughts about where we can hold particular events, or wish to arrange an event or training session, please head on over to our ‘Sub-committee’ page and contact your local representative. Where we cannot provide training ourselves, we will try to put members in contact with trainers local to their area, although from experience, some travelling will be required.

Please click through on to the event pages below to view our most up-to-date lists of dates and locations for training, working tests, field trials and other events.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic we are not currently booking any events or training days. We hope that we will be able to update this section with some new dates soon and look forward to when we are able to do so.

Book training days

Book your dog on to one of our training days to increase your skills and the working ability of your dog.

Book a Working Test

Click here to book your place on a working test. You will also find the event Schedule, and a bit more information about working tests in general.               

Book Field Trials

Dates for the 2020 season’s field trials are currently being organised, and details will appear here in due course, and on social media. We plan to organise a Novice and an Open Trial, together with an All-Aged Stake. 

Book a FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate

The Shooting Dog Certificate tests the working capabilities of your dog in the shooting field, and is a valuable indicator of those dogs with the right characteristics for breeding. 

Book a Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate

Click here to book a place on an upcoming Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate event.

Book a Kennel Club Show Gundog Working Certificate

Sign up your retriever to one of our upcoming Kennel Club Show Gundog Working Certificate events.

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