workingflatcoats FAQ's

All of our most frequently asked questions about events days and anything else relating to workingflatcoats.

General questions

We are currently undergoing an update of our website. This section will be updated with some new and relevant information very soon.

If you have any questions just head over to our committee page and find your most local representative. Their contact details are listed on this page for exactly this purpose.

We accept payment via Paypal, bank transfer and cheque. 

You can find all of our payment details over on the shop page. Please be aware, that your place on an event is not confirmed until payment has been received, so it is always best to notify the event organiser when you have paid. This can help ensure your space at the event or training day.

If you are interested in joining workingflatcoats and becoming a member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society you can head over to the FCRS website for all the information you need on becoming a member.

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