Report on the Bucks/Central Area Working Tests held on 20 May 2018

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Written by Vivienne Gatter – Bucks/Central Area Working Test Organiser

The Working Tests took place on Sunday 20th May 2018 at The Willows, Standlake, Oxfordshire by kind permission of Mrs V Gatter.Our Judges for the day were Phil Bruton (A2718), Fran Robb and Peter Leyden. The Special Puppies and Veterans ran first with the Novice following after.

Seven Special Puppies ran over five tests. The tests were as follows:

  • Test 1 – Mark on water without shot
  • Test 2 – Mark over ditch followed by a blind in the same place with a shot
  • Test 3 – Single mark
  • Test 4 – An obedience exercise with the puppy walking to heel, dummy thrown, heel back to start and then send for the memory.
  • Test 5 – Two dog sit up honouring each other’s marked retrieve. A third dummy thrown picked by the dummy thrower.

The results of the Special Puppy Tests were as follows:

  • 1st Brickley Blossom Bitch H: Keith Manley O: K and J Manley B: WD Peck Sire: Houndswood Cedar at Tunnelwood Dam: Pride of the Morning Bitch DoB: 30.04.2017
  • 2nd Ruddleberry Touch the Sky H/O/B: Suzi Price Sire: Blacklake Oberon of Ruddleberry Dam: Casblaidd Queen of the Sky over Ruddleberry DoB 15.06.2017

At the same time as the puppies, eight veteran‘s ran over four tests as follows:

  • Test 1 – Mark on water followed by a blind behind without shot
  • Test 2 – Mark over ditch followed by a blind in the same place with shot
  • Test 3 – Mark with shot followed by a blind in a different place without shot
  • Test 4 – Double mark

The results of the Veteran working tests were as follows:

  • lst Houndswood Maple H/O/B: Diane Heywood Bitch Sire: Gowran Indigo Extra Dam: Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood DoB: 17.07.2008
  • 2nd Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd Dog H: Caroline Hewison O: C and C Hewison B: G Awty Sire: Vortex Tornado at Misticrnaker Dam: Rainbow Queen of Maddistream DoB: 06.04.2009
  • 3rd Ollersett Sparkling Nymph H: Gary Ellison O/B: Julie Matthews Sire: Shirlett Skylark Dam: Astravia Saffion’s Spirit at Ollersett DoB: 10.10.2010
  • 4th Ridlands Peewit of Vilendal H: Maurice Saunders B: RN Waddingham Sire: Shirlett Skylark Dam: Ridlands Aurora Dog DoB: 27.04.2011

The winner of the veteran test was the aunt of the puppy winner. Unfortunately Diane Heywood’s puppy from the same litter came into season just before the test so the sisters could not compete.

In the Novice we had a very good entry of 24 dogs with 2 having to withdraw shortly before the test. They ran over six tests as follows:

  • Test 1 – Double mark. The first dummy thrown onto water and the second on land with the land dummy to be collected first. This proved quite challenging for a number of dogs who either ran in or insisted on getting the water retrieve first.
  • Test 2 – This was a mark into the pen with shot followed by a blind in the same place. The jump was an easy wooden jump of rails. The failures on this were generally with the dogs running round the pen and not jumping in.
  • Test 3 – Long mark with shot followed by a blind in a different area.
  • Test 4 – This was a two dog walk up. Each had two retrieves one in front and one behind the line. This was judged by Phil Bruton who said the main issue was the usual thorny problem of heelwork. This is a basic skill which has to be achieved.
  • Test 5 – Blind without shot with a distraction mark which was to be picked second. Although in the past this type of test has caused problems this year the majority succeeded and scored highly.
  • Test 6 – A marked retrieve and when the dog was returning a
  • shot with a second dummy thrown out to be collected when the first dummy had been delivered. A lot of dogs struggled with this test. Some because they did not mark the first retrieve and others so marking the second. Those in the awards scored highly on this test showing that it could be done.

There was a run off for first place and the Novice Test results were as follows:

  • lst Keveral Hen Harrier H/O/B: Charlotte Wear Sire: Houndswood Cedar at Tunnelwood Dam: Keveral Glololui, Bitch DoB: 13.04.2014
  • 2nd Sweet Licorice Lime H/O/B: Peder Pedersen Sire: Casblaidd Little Archer Dam: Duckfinders Strega, Dog DoB:08.02.2014
  • 3rd Trialwise Square Dance H/O: Patty GoriainofT B: L Hodgson—Reading Sire: Meadow Cleary at Collarm Dam: Trialwise Abyhill, Dog DoB: 08.02.2014
  • 4th Percuil Dasher H/O/B: Helen Ford Sire: Ravensrough Oswald of Percuil Dam: Percuil Nuvolari Tazio, Dog DoB: 01.01.16
  • COM Casblaidd Queen of the Sky over Ruddleberry Bitch H/O: Suzi Price B: R and J Hewison DoB 03.06.2012 Sire: Rhinefield’s Happy as Larry Dam: Casblaidd Nutka

In order to encourage new people to the working tests for the last 2 years we have presented a trophy to the highest scoring novice handler in the novice class. This year it went to Mo Sweet. Many congratulations.

My thanks to all my helpers and the Judges without whom these events could not be put on.

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