Report on the Shirley Radburn National Working Test held on 30 June 2018

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Report prepared by Graham Clelland – Hon. Working Test Secretary

The event was held at Grove Park, Hatton, Warwickshire on Saturday, 30th June 2018. This was a new venue for the Society, providing a mix of woodland, open farm land and a lake. The entry was up on last year which was very pleasing – 17 in Novice and 17 in Open. The dogs in Novice had 5 tests to complete with a judge for each test who were Mrs Sheila Suzuki (A Panel), Mrs Pat Bell, Mr Roger Colver, Mrs Julia Redpath and Mr Morton Redpath.

The Novice Tests were as follows:

  • Test 1: A double mark, one in to the lake and one on land to be collected first
  • Test 2: A two dog walk up with a seen retrieve
  • Test 3: A blind to shot
  • Test 4: Down a long ride in the wood, a seen retrieve to shot with a blind one third of the way down, the blind to be picked first then the dog sent back for the seen retrieve. This seemed to cause a few dogs problems.
  • Test 5: A double mark utilising another long avenue in the wood.

The results were:

  • 1st – Not awarded.
  • 2nd – Steve Ashby, Flatgold Hot Child in the City
  • 3rd – Dave Myatt – Wainhawke Woodcock
  • 4th – Laura Barclay, Varingo Able Friend
  • COM – Mark Johnson, Wolfthistle Alfred Unus Est

The Open tests were as follows:

  • Test 1: A blind in the lake by an island, to shot. One or two dog found this rather challenging. ‘
  • Test 2: A 4 dog walk up with 2 judges
  • Test 3: A hunting exercise to shot in an area 75 yards from the handler. When the bird could not be found the dog was stopped and moved 30 yards to some cover where it was found. A good test for open dogs.
  • Test 4: Down a ride in the wood, a long seen but a blind to the side which had to be collected first.

The results were:

  • 1st – Gill Awty, Venetian Red at Maddistream, receiving the Houndswood Trophy and The National Open Salver
  • 2nd – Steve Ashby, Tunnelwood Phantom
  • 3rd – Jacqui Crew, Casblaidd Quill Hogan
  • 4th – Andy Sweeney, Norfolk Flyer Rosie’s Thorn of Wolfthistle.

Many thanks to the Southall and Warburton families for allowing us to use Hatton Park, to the keeper, Andrew Panter, for preparing the ground so well, and to the judges who did a splendid job on a very hot day. Thank you also to the great band of helpers for firing shot, throwing dummies, placing blinds etc, these days don’t happen without them, and to Heather Harley for her help with the administration and organisation.

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