Results from the FCRS South-West Working Test held on Sunday 15th March 2020 at VB Farms, Spreyton, Devon

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The day was organised by Helen Ford and she reported as follows:

“Sunday went well, we finished in sunshine and not as cold as last year. The day began with torrential rain, the tracks and ground oozing with water, even the pond was making a gurgling noise but I am pleased to say the rain eased and we had glimpses of sunshine. however looking at the award winner photos I see they were taken at 6 pm! I hope the competitors enjoyed the day, four judges and four tests seemed to work well, we did not need a fifth test.”

The venue at VB Farms, Spreyton, Devon by kind permission of Mr V Bennett. The Judges were: Sara Chichester (A1847), Mary Palk (NP), Sheila Neary (NP) Alex Brain (NP) 

The results were:

Puppy :

1st Maddistream Raj Red Breeder/Owner/Handler: Gill Awty 

2nd Silkaman’s Teazle of Keveral Breeder: C Seidermann Owner/Handler: Charlotte Wear

3rd Varingo Zenyatta  Breeder: C&G & L Gwilliam Owner: R Pettett & L Williams Handler: Richard Pettett

4th Maddistream Aduro Pink Breeder: G Awty Owner/Handler: Herma Odelman


1st Venetian Red at Maddistream Breeder/Handler/Owner: Gill Awty

2nd Quail’s Easedale Tarn Breeder: D. Dense Owner/Handler: Herma Ordelman

3rd Keveral Hen Harrier Breeder/Owner/Handler: Charlotte Wear

4th Hunterssheim Burton Breeder: Ravenhill Owner/Handler: Shaun Caddy


1st Swanton Rosedore Breeder/Owner: L. Swan Handler: Reece Merry.

2nd Swantonwood Gold Leaf Breeder/Owner/Handler: Lindsay Swan

3rd Atherbram Jacob Breeder: H Hughes Owner/Handler: Sharon Tamblyn

4th Ballyriver Snowflake at Thurwhitt Breeder: Mrs C Young Owner/Handler: Sara Thurgood


1st Thamespath Bracken at Tunnelwood Breeder: W Peck Owner/Handler: Steve Ashby

2nd Ollersett Shining Nymph Breeder/Owner/Handler: Julie Matthews

3rd Ollersett Rainbow Breeder/Owner/Handler: Julie Matthews

=4th Glenturret Lucky Star Breeder: R.M&C Durrant Owner: G & J Blyth Handler: Gordon Blyth

=4th Casblaidd Island in the Sky Breeder/Owner: C&C Hewison Handler: Caroline Hewison

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