FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Rules and Guidelines

Shooting Dog Certificate Rules:

  1. The Flatcoated Retriever Society Field Trial Sub-Committee will be responsible for running all SDCs. Members of the Society may identify venues for SDC’s but the running of the day will ONLY be by members of the Field Trial Sub-Committee.
  2. Entries are to be on the SDC Application Form and accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  3. The Field Trial Sub-Committee shall appoint TWO Assessors to undertake the SDC assessments one of which will be a KC Panel Judge, and the other will be a member of the Field Trial Sub-Committee.
  4. SDC’s are not competitions. They are an assessment of individual dogs against the criteria set out in i) to vii) above.
  5. The assessment will be undertaken as part of a normal game shooting day and will not involve the use of cold game or dummies, with the exception of retrieves from water when this cannot be completed with freshly shot game.
  6. A Certificate will be awarded by the Society to all handlers achieving an “A” or “B” pass. No title may be used to describe the award.
  7. An “A” pass will only be achieved if the assessed dog performs to the requisite standard in all elements as set out in i) to vii) above whilst off a lead. If the assessed dog performs all elements but is held on a lead during drives or walk-ups, or at other times as instructed by the Assessor, then a “B” pass will be achieved.
  8. The owner, competitor, handler or other person in charge of a dog at a SDC event must, at all times, ensure that the dog is kept under proper control whilst at the venue including its environs, car and caravan parks and approaches.
  9. The code of Conduct is the same as that for Field Trials run in accordance with the KC “J” Regs. FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Guidance and Rules – Revised October 2018
  10. Organisers and Assessors must be careful to ensure the safety of dogs and must not require them to negotiate dangerous obstacles. Whilst Assessors should take reasonable precautions for the safety of competing dogs, it is the duty of the handler to satisfy himself or herself that the dog is suitably trained, physically fit and prepared to undertake the work allocated by the Assessor before directing his or her dog to undertake any retrieve.
  11. The organisers have the power to exclude dogs from the day and will have the right to refuse an entry.
  12. The SDC is open to all fully paid up members of the Flatcoated Retriever Society. Nonmembers may participate should space allow however, members will always take priority. The organisers may restrict the numbers in a SDC, in which case the right to take part shall be decided by ballot.
  13. All Assessors must have experience of dog-work under shooting field conditions.
  14. All handlers must carry out the instructions of the Assessor. The Assessor is empowered to remove from the SDC any dog whose handler does not follow their instructions or whose handler wilfully interferes with another participant or his dog.
  15. No person attending a SDC may allow a bitch in season to be on the event ground or foul any ground to be used by participating dogs.
  16. If, after consultation with the Assessor, members of the Field-Trial Sub-Committee present consider a dog unfit to take part by reason of contagious disease or physical condition such a dog shall be required to be removed immediately from the ground.
  17. No dog shall wear a collar whilst taking part.
  18. No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling at a SDC.
  19. Although the SDC is not a KC licensed event, the code of conduct governing Field Trials shall apply; in particular, competitors shall not openly impugn the decision of the Assessor or Assessors or criticise the host, ground or guns. The Assessors’ decision is final and must not be challenged although it is perfectly acceptable for the participant concerned, not a third party, to seek clarification if their dog is unsuccessful. Any cases of alleged misconduct will be reported to the Field Trial Sub-Committee.
  20. For safety reasons, and in accordance with shooting field etiquette, please do not leave the venue without permission from the the Field Trial Sub-Committee representative.

SDC General Information:

  1. Normally not more than 6 dogs will be assessed per day as this ensures the Shoot is not disrupted in any way.
  2. The Organiser, Steward and Assessors MUST co-operate with the Shoot Manager, Keeper and Pickers-up so that the dogs are tested fully making sure that all birds are picked as usual on a shooting day. Guns should be asked not to pick birds in the area of the shoot where dogs are being assessed.
  3. It should be remembered that SDC participants are only at the Shoot by kind permission of the Host and Gamekeeper. There will be some aspects of the day outside the Society’s control, including the availability of game, which may necessitate the event being cancelled or suspended.
  4. Completing the day does not necessarily guarantee a Certificate. To achieve a Certificate, a dog must have satisfied the Assessors that it would be an asset to the working gene pool and a useful companion in the shooting field.
  5. Although originally it was expected that dogs would be capable of retrieving any and all game as quoted above: ‘Game may be pheasant, partridge, duck, rabbit, hare, pigeon, woodcock, snipe or any other legitimate game’, the Society understands that these days it is not always possible for dogs to gain sufficient experience on all such game, however it is expected that dogs should be able to retrieve at the very least, pheasant, partridge, pigeon, duck and rabbit.
  6. In order to assist the handlers whose dogs have not achieved a Certificate, the Assessors will explain what went wrong and therefore, why they have not passed.
  7. Out of courtesy to the Shoot and Assessors, dogs must have had sufficient experience of picking up in the shooting field, sitting quietly in line at a drive and be able to pick warm game competently prior to undertaking a Shooting Dog Certificate day. FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Guidance and Rules – Revised October 2018
  8. Applicants are asked to read thoroughly ALL the information, then send a completed SDC Application form and payment to the FT Secretary who will enter your name on a list and when a reasonable opportunity to take your SDC arises, you will be contacted.
  9. Dogs attending any SDC day will be determined ONLY by the FT Secretary.
  10. Dogs/Handlers may be requested to continue to pick-up after the completion of their SDC.
  11. It is expected that all participants should follow the dress code as expected at a Shoot/Field Trial.

Rules for Organising a SDC:

  1. ONLY a member of the FT Sub-Committee can organise a SDC day.
  2. Notice of the SDC day will be advertised on the Society website, Facebook and/or by email as soon as the date is confirmed. Therefore organisers must apply to the FT Secretary at the earliest opportunity.
  3. If a Member of the Society identifies a suitable venue for a SDC day, that Member will be given preference Application by a Society Member to use a venue for a SDC shall be made in writing to the FT Secretary giving sufficient time for the event to be organised.
  4. The Field Trial Sub-Committee shall appoint TWO assessors to undertake the SDC assessments one of which will be a KC Panel Judge, the other will be a member of the Field Trial Sub-Committee.
  5. The Organiser must not accept applications to take part in a SDC. These must be made directly to the FT Secretary as set out above.
  6. The names and contact details of all participants will be passed from the FT Secretary to the Organiser not less than ONE WEEK prior to the event.
  7. Organisers must send to each participant directions to the venue, instructions for the day and any other relevant information IN GOOD TIME.
  8. Organisers and Stewards must communicate with landowners and/or gamekeepers regarding the running of the day.
  9. Organisers will be responsible for any gratuities for landowners/gamekeepers.
  10. Reimbursement of expenses or application for a petty cash fund must be made to the Treasurer of the Flatcoated Retriever Society, and accounts for the SDC must also be sent to the Treasurer.
  11. FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Guidance and Rules – Revised October 2018

FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Guidance and Rules – Revised October 2018

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