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workingflatcoats news

The Society’s 2021 Calendar

Think you have taken some great photos of your Flacoats; working, at play, being shown, or just being themselves, and would like to see them in the next Society calendar, then get them to us.

The arrangements for the production of the Society’s calendar have changed and it has been bought in-house, so if you have already sent images to Dowie (Dowie produced previous calendars for the Society) for the 2021 Calendar we will try to recover them, but you might want to send them again.

Each image needs to be a minimum of 2.0Mb but the bigger the better, in colour, and the subject needs to be in focus, unless soft-focus is your thing?

We also need your name and email address, the dog’s or the dogs names, and where the photo was taken. If you have a suggested caption, let us have that too; we can’t guarantee we will use it but it might raise a smile!

Similarly, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to use all the photos that you provide, but we will assume that you are happy for us to also use your photos in this website and elsewhere in Society publications, unless you tell us otherwise.

When you have all of the information together, email each photo Individually to

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