Training tips

All of our most frequently asked questions about training your dog!

This page is under development and we hope to have lots of tips for you over the next weeks and months.

Training questions

The first thing to remember is that the specific words you use don’t matter; your dog doesn’t understand any word, only the behaviour that you associate with it in your training. In my experience, “STAY” is most commonly associated with obedience training and some seek to associate the word with the behaviour ‘don’t move from this place until I return”. The command “WAIT” may assume a more temporary behaviour; “don’t move from this place until I tell you to do something else”, but in reality, the commands can be interchanged. For some trainers, either term could be replaced by “SIT” (or “DOWN”) and the same behaviour: “don’t move from this place until I return, or, I tell you to do something else”.

So basically, it is down to you to decide which word to use, but the golden rule, as always, is to be consistent or the wheels may just fall off!

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