Why train your flatcoat?

Beginning the journey of training and working your dog can definitely seem daunting, but it’s a worthy journey that comes with many benefits for dog and owner.

We offer a variety of training days across the year to suit all abilities and interests. If you’ve never trained your dog before it’s no reason to be put off – we welcome beginners with open arms and host training days for different abilities across many regions.

You can also book events with us once you and your dog are ready to do so, and compete in Working Tests and Field Trials, and also work to achieve the Society’s Shooting Dog Certificate, the Kennel Club’s Working Gundog Certificate or Show Working Gundog Certificate.

Remember to check our news page regularly for the latest dates and event announcements.

'The dogs that are charming, endlessly happy and will do anything to capture your heart'

Country life wrote a brilliant article about our favourite breed – Flatcoated Retrievers!  They’ve perfectly captured exactly why this breed is a favourite pet and working companion of many, and if you want to learn a bit more about the breed this article is a great place to start. Go to the article by clicking this link here.

Benefits of training

There are numerous benefits for both dog and owner when it comes to training and working your dog:

You can read even more about the benefits of training and working flatcoats on our page dedicated to this by clicking the button below.

Training tips

Not sure where to start with training? Our training tips page has got all the information you will need to begin training your Flatcoat in earnest. 

Working Test guidelines

A working test is a good starting place for competing with your dog, and a good event to work towards with your training. With a Working Test, you will be working with dummies rather than live game.

Field Trial guidelines

Do you feel that you and your dog are up to the challenge of a Field Trial? Using real game and designed to mimic a day shooting in the field you can competitively test your dogs working skills.

FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate guidelines

By achieving the SDC you will prove that your dog has the appropriate working ability to be great breeding stock for future working dogs.

All rules and regulations

Find links to the Kennel Clubs website for rules and guidelines for their Working Gundog Certificate and Show Gundog Working Certificate, as well as direct links to the rules pages for each of the events that we host here at workingflatcoats.

Flatcoat articles from around the web

Here are some of the best articles we have found from around the web about flatcoats, working flatcoats, and training your dog.

  • Country Life article on the breed: click here
  • Kennel club page on starting out in Field Trials, Working Tests and training: click here
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